Elected by the Alliance community, the Board functions in an advisory capacity and as a thought partner for the Alliance staff, providing direction and guidance on behalf of the broader community of Alliance organizations. 

Tobias Aguirre

CEO, FishWise

As CEO, Tobias sets the conservation vision and organizational strategy for FishWise. His work with retail industry executives, trade associations, funders, government officials, and NGO leaders, seeks to build a collaborative approach to conservation that results in effective business and improved environmental performance. To that end, Tobias serves on many advisory bodies and committees, including the Moore Foundation’s Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative, International Seafood Sustainability Foundation’s Environmental Stakeholder Committee, the Food Marketing Institute’s Sustainable Seafood Committee Advisory Council, Fair Trade USA’s Fisheries Advisory Council, and the Seafood Summit’s Advisory Board. Drawing from these diverse multi-stakeholder efforts, Tobias develops innovative solutions for FishWise business partners, while forging new ground in the complex world of seafood sustainability. He is also a frequent speaker at leading industry events, such as FMI’s Sustainability Summit and the Seafood Expo North America. Tobias holds degrees from Stanford University and UCSD’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, where he specialized in nonprofit management and business strategy and was named a Schoepflin Fellow for his work on sustainable fisheries.

Richard Boot

President, FishChoice

“I highly value being a member of the Steering Committee for many reasons – most notably learning and being deeply involved in shaping the actions and thinking of the sustainable seafood movement.”

Richard Boot is the founder and president of FishChoice. Prior to founding FishChoice in 2008, Richard worked as director of operations for FishWise, where he developed training and implementation programs for use in grocery stores’ meat and seafood departments. Richard has collaborated with national environmental NGOs on a variety of issues including mercury labeling and education and sourcing of environmentally preferable seafood products. Before getting involved with the sustainable seafood movement, Richard graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics. He managed large restaurants for Chart House Inc. and Landry’s and has worked as a chef, buyer, and kitchen manager in the hospitality industry. Richard is also a cohort member with The Future of Fish.

Stephanie Bradley

Manager of Fishery Improvement Projects, World Wildlife Fund - US

"Participating in the Alliance Steering Committee gives me the opportunity to collaborate with leaders in marine conservation to guide the direction of the sustainable seafood movement."

Stephanie joined the WWF-US Oceans Team in 2011. As Manager of Fishery Improvement Projects, Stephanie manages the suite of FIPs with which WWF-US is engaged, and creates linkages to sustainable sourcing strategies developed for WWF’s corporate partners. In this role, Stephanie is responsible for coordinating with WWF Network offices, as well as other NGOs acting as the in-country FIP lead and determining how WWF’s corporate partners can engage in specific FIPs. Prior to joining WWF-US, Stephanie served as the Fisheries Research Manager for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Stephanie received a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and a Master’s in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University.

Through the Conservation Alliance, WWF-US is able to take collective action on important issues in seafood sustainability, thereby having a larger impact towards achieving healthy oceans.

Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly

Vice President of Global Ocean Initiatives, Monterey Bay Aquarium

“The Alliance provides a much-needed platform for the North American NGOs to work in coordination to meet the information needs of engaged businesses and to maximize our collective impact in achieving sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.”

Jennifer directs Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program, working to engage and empower North American consumers and businesses to support environmentally responsible fisheries and aquaculture operations through their purchasing decisions. Jennifer’s role is to ensure collaboration within the broader sustainable seafood movement and maintain the program’s rigor in generating seafood purchasing recommendations. Jennifer has been involved in the marine conservation arena for more than fifteen years. Her experience includes working as program manager for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to promote fishery and aquaculture improvement projects and build strategic relationships between the seafood sector and the NGO community.  Jennifer also served as a senior conservation associate for the New England Aquarium, focusing on developing a sustainable seafood initiative and conducting cooperative research with the lobster and groundfish commercial fishing communities. In addition, she has consulted for regional fishermen’s associations across New England. She launched her marine conservation career in Washington, D.C. where she worked at the American Oceans Campaign (now Oceana), focusing on marine fish habitat conservation, and at Environmental Media Services.  Jennifer received a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Florida State University. She joined the Conservation Alliance Steering Committee in 2011 with the aim of fostering collaboration and informing the strategic direction of the global sustainable seafood movement.

Dick Jones

President and CEO, Ocean Outcomes

"It is very easy for NGOs to get caught up in our own day to day work and lose sight of the bigger picture. The Alliance is an invaluable platform to promote collaboration and sharing of best practices across organizations, bringing change on the water at an accelerated pace."

Dick is a recognized leader in global seafood sustainability. He has 30 years of experience in the seafood industry, including 13 years overseeing seafood operations at HEB Grocery Co. and Whole Foods Market. Over the past 8 years he has honed his expertise in sustainable seafood initiatives through leading Ocean Outcomes as its President and CEO, founding seafood sustainability consultancy Resiliensea, Inc., and directing the major buyer engagement program at Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. He has extensive knowledge of the seafood supply chain, including global sourcing, merchandising, marketing and product/brand development, and is proficient in all global standards, certifications and eco-labels that are available to the seafood industry today.

Jack Kittinger

Senior Director of Global Fisheries & Aquaculture, Conservation International

Dr. John N. (“Jack”) Kittinger is the senior director of the Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Program in Conservation International’s Center for Oceans and a Professor of Practice in Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. Under his leadership, CI works to protect biodiversity and improve the wellbeing of ocean-dependent communities by implementing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture solutions built on partnerships and investments from ocean to plate. A social scientist and marine ecologist by training, Dr. Kittinger takes a comprehensive interest in finding sustainable solutions to complex problems facing the ocean environment and the people who depend on it. He has extensive experience coordinating multi-stakeholder teams and has worked as a consultant, an academic researcher, educator, and a program director in the nonprofit sector. A lifelong surfer, fisher and waterman, with family ties to the coastal Carolinas, he is committed to ocean-based learning experiences and to being in the water as often as possible. He and his family live in Niu Valley, Oahu.

Indrani Lutchman

Program Director, FIP Evaluation & External Relations, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

"Such an exciting time to join the Advisory Board and to be a part of an awesome team of NGO colleagues at a pivotal time in the Alliance history and the seafood movement globally! My lifelong ambition has always been to look for opportunities to contribute to marine sustainability."

Indrani (Drin) Lutchman is SFP’s Program Director for FIP Evaluations and External Relations, responsible for FIP progress ratings and maintenance of SFP evaluation tool , as well as SFP’s point person to the Alliance. She is a marine biologist and fisheries scientist with extensive experience of leading successful projects/programs on marine and fisheries issues in Europe, Caribbean, Antarctica and UK Overseas Territories including the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar funding by governmental and non-governmental donors including the European Commission Parliament, the Oak Foundation, Pew Charitable Trust, Avina Foundation and the Marine Stewardship Council. With a sound understanding of the elements of fisheries management and strategic and political experience, she led WWF advocacy campaign during the negotiations of the UN Agreement on Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks (UNFSA) and the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing, and contributed to the establishment of the principles for sustainable fishing – used as the basis for the criteria and principles of the MSC standard.

Brian Perkins

Regional Director Americas, Marine Stewardship Council

"The Alliance’s strength is collaboration; I am a firm believer in the notion that collaboration always leads to the best outcomes. With the Conservation Alliance, we have the opportunity to move forward together for a sustainable seafood sector.”

Brian Perkin’s introduction to the seafood industry was in June 1974 working in a salt fish factory on Grimsey, Iceland. That winter of 1974/75 he worked on a small island-based boat tub trawling, and then in the spring gillnetting for lumpfish. Over the ensuing 40+ years he has spent a majority of his work life involved in one manner or another with the commercial fishing and seafood industry, including nearly a decade as a commercial fisherman. In 1992 he began working for Diversified Business Communications, organizers of the Seafood shows in Boston and Brussels. Brian was instrumental in launching The European Seafood Exposition in Brussels in 1993. His 16-year tenure running the largest seafood shows in the world provides him a unique perspective on the industry and also earned him the respect of many stakeholders. In 2015 he joined the Marine Stewardship Council as Regional Director Americas. Based in the MSC Americas regional office in Washington, DC, he is responsible for the overall growth and development of the MSC program in Canada, the United States, and Latin America.