The Conservation Alliance recognizes that many of the barriers to seafood sustainability are too big for any single group to solve. We welcome the participation of new organizations that share our goal of helping businesses make progress on their commitments to sustainable seafood.

“Working with the Alliance allows us to bring greater value to our organization’s day-to-day work as it provides a unique platform to share and disseminate information on key topics in seafood sustainability.”

Jenna Stoner, Senior Aquaculture Analyst, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

There are two levels of participation in the Conservation Alliance:

Members must be nonprofit conservation organizations. They agree to support the Common Vision for Environmentally Sustainable Seafood, participate actively in Alliance activities, and collaborate with Alliance members. Member organizations elect the Advisory Board and determine the Alliance’s objectives and projects.

Prospective members must be sponsored by a current member of the Alliance and participate in Alliance activities on a trial basis. During this trial period, the prospective member shares information about its seafood work with others in the Alliance and has the opportunity to determine if membership is a good fit. At the end of the trial period, the Alliance votes on whether to approve the new member.

Collaborators are interested in working with the Alliance in one or more specific areas. Participating as a collaborator allows organizations to engage in work relevant to them without assuming the full commitment of membership.

Prospective collaborators must be nominated by a member of the Alliance and must commit to working with the Alliance on at least one issue or project. For more information about becoming a member or a collaborator, please contact us.

“Our fishery policy initiatives often benefit from the involvement of Alliance organizations and their partner companies. It rarely takes more than one or two phone calls before I find a colleague willing to help.”

Tim Fitzgerald, Senior Manager, Seafood Market Strategy, Environmental Defense Fund