Brian Perkins

Brian Perkin’s introduction to the seafood industry was in June 1974 working in a salt fish factory on Grimsey, Iceland. That winter of 1974/75 he worked on a small island-based boat tub trawling, and then in the spring gillnetting for lumpfish. Over the ensuing 40+ years he has spent a majority of his work life involved in one manner or another with the commercial fishing and seafood industry, including nearly a decade as a commercial fisherman.┬áIn 1992 he began working for Diversified Business Communications, organizers of the Seafood shows in Boston and Brussels. Brian was instrumental in launching The European Seafood Exposition in Brussels in 1993. His 16-year tenure running the largest seafood shows in the world provides him a unique perspective on the industry and also earned him the respect of many stakeholders. In 2015 he joined the Marine Stewardship Council as Regional Director Americas. Based in the MSC Americas regional office in Washington, DC, he is responsible for the overall growth and development of the MSC program in Canada, the United States, and Latin America.