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Alliance Strategy Meeting: A Landscape View of the Opportunities in the Responsible Seafood Movement

Tuesday, November 15 from 1:00-3:00pm ET

Join this interactive workshop as Tom Benthin, graphic illustrator, brings your ideas to life in a visual depiction of the responsible seafood landscape. Together, we will identify where groups are working, where alignment is needed, what gaps exist, and where the Alliance is best positioned to serve.

Mariah Boyle

Executive Director, Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

As Executive Director, Mariah Boyle leads the implementation of the Alliance’s strategic plan, aligning and accelerating the work by the Global Hub and the seafood movement in order to achieve greater collective impact. In previous roles, Mariah led the traceability and human rights work at FishWise, worked in conservation as a researcher at the Pacific Shark Research Center, and was a regulatory scientist at the St. John’s River Water Management District in Florida. Mariah holds a master’s degree in marine science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and a bachelor’s degree from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Tom Benthin

Graphic Facilitator

Tom is a graphic facilitator with over twenty years of experience working with clients across a wide variety of sectors. Working in real-time, he visually maps groups’ conversations, reflecting them back to deepen participants’ understanding and enhance their ability to think about the problems and opportunities they’re grappling with. When clients want to carry their thinking forward to engage others, he also works with them to refine their ideas and shape them into a narrative, told visually through a drawing or short film. Tom had an eclectic career before turning to graphic facilitation in the mid-1990s, studying French Intensive/Biodynamic horticulture with Alan Chadwick, ballet with Richard Gibson, and managing restaurants for Jeremiah Tower and Joyce Goldstein.