How Committed Are Retailers and Brands to Sustainable and Socially Responsible Seafood?

Since 2018, SeaChoice has been holding major retailers accountable for their commitments to responsibly sourced seafood by reporting against their actions through its Seafood Progress platform. In May 2022, SeaChoice expanded the program and released the performance results of 13 major seafood brands. This session takes a look at how retailers have performed over the past 5 years as well as the outcome of the first report on brands. From commitment scope to product labeling, SeaChoice highlights scoring trends and considers opportunities for Seafood Progress to move into the global commitment tracking space.

Dana Cleaveley

Supply Chain Analyst, SeaChoice

Dana joined the SeaChoice team as Seafood Supply Chain Analyst in January of 2021 with the aim of helping businesses develop more ambitious commitments to environmental sustainability and social responsibility to improve the sustainability of seafood in Canada. She grew up in a commercial fishing family in Vancouver, B.C. where she witnessed the backend of the industry. Dana applied this experience later in life when she took on the front-end role of Sales & Logistics Manager for her family’s seafood distribution company. The combination of these experiences and the relationships that she developed along the way allowed her to establish an empathetic and systems-thinking approach to developing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Dana holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management degree from Royal Roads University.