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Brand new, on-demand content curated exclusively for Alliance Annual Conference registrants.

Benefits of Good Animal Welfare Practices
Remko Oosterveld (GLOBALG.A.P.)

Case Study: IPNLF’s Sourcing Transparency Platform – The Necessity For Transparency In Seafood Supply Chains
Zacari Edwards (International Pole and Line Foundation)

Combating IUU Seafood: The Role of Digitization in Market Access
Emily Zimmerman (The Virgil Group)

Creating Responsible Supply Chains Through Due Diligence
Liz Muller (Liz Muller & Partners)

Driving Social Responsibility Improvements in Small-Scale Fisheries – Experience and Lessons Learnt from Indonesian Tuna Fisheries
Shannon Hardisty (International Pole and Line Foundation)

FisheryProgress Overhaul – Building on Success and Lessons Learned
Brett Galimidi (FishChoice)

How Can Improved Seafood Labels Contribute to Better Transparency and Sustainability in the Seafood Sector?
Christina Callegari (Ecology Action Centre & SeaChoice)

How Can Tuna Safeguard People, Planet, and Prosperity?
Martin Purves (International Pole and Line Foundation)

How Committed are Retailers and Brands to Sustainable and Socially Responsible Seafood?
Dana Cleaveley (SeaChoice)

How to Trace $600 Billion Dollars
François Mosnier (Planet Tracker)

Introduction to the Climate-Resilient Fisheries Toolkit
Sarah Poon (Environmental Defense Fund)

Plastic-Neutral Fisheries: Feasibility and Opportunities Throughout the World
Emilia Dyer (International Pole and Line Foundation)

Seafood Certifications Transforming Standards for Aquatic Animal Welfare
Sophika Kostyniuk (Aquatic Life Institute)

Terrestrial and Aquatic Food Systems: Linkages, Trade-offs, and Opportunities
Patty Fong (Global Alliance for the Future of Food)

The In-transition To MSC Program
Amanda Lejbowicz (Marine Stewardship Council)

The Future of Sustainable Seafood Commitments: Learning Lessons and Leveraging Opportunities
Michelle Beritzhoff-Law and An Nguyen (FishWise)

Value Distribution Across Fish Supply Chains
Susanna Balaguer Serra (Impact Institute)