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Benefits of Good Animal Welfare Practices

Currently issues of animal welfare are mostly connected to terrestrial proteins such as cage-free eggs or crate-free pork. However, the issue of animal welfare is of growing importance in aquaculture, regularly incorporated into international policies and a growing interest among consumers.  Good animal welfare practices not only protect the individual animal but also provide economic benefits by reducing disease, mortality, and ensuring efficient and effective use of inputs like feed and medical treatment. Furthermore, acting in concert, the aquaculture industry can show leadership in the area of animal welfare working to phase out some of the most egregious practices such as eyestalk ablation.

Remko Oosterveld

Key Account Manager, GLOBALG.A.P.

Remko has extensive experience in the fields of aquaculture and certification. As Key Account Manager at GLOBALG.A.P., Remko is responsible for the global adoption of the GGN label for aquaculture products. He does so through raising awareness of GLOBALG.A.P. certification and the GGN label initiative among stakeholders from retail, NGOs, and the supply chain. His passion for promoting the sustainable use of our planet’s resources and thereby protecting the environment is an important driver for him in his role.