Seafood Certifications Transforming Standards for Aquatic Animal Welfare

Global seafood certifications have the ability to rapidly and simultaneously transform the status quo for thousands of producers across a variety of species. Now that aquatic animal welfare has begun to resonate as an issue of critical importance for policymakers, buyers and consumers alike, certifiers have responded to this evolving landscape by incorporating and advancing, language on animal welfare. This session will highlight the details of the standards for 5 certifiers, as well as explore the specifics of the first-ever benchmark report comparing these schemes against each other.

Sophika Kostyniuk

Aquatic Life Institute

Sophika leads Aquatic Life Institute (ALI) as the Managing Director. With 20 years’ experience in the ocean and forest conservation sectors, she has driven change through global supply chains by creating deep partnerships with diverse networks of actors and engineering practical, actionable solutions for businesses and governments alike. Sophika has moved the sustainability needle forward on sourcing practices with the likes of Target, Levi Strauss, Hearst Publishing, and Safeway, as well as the Government of California seafood labeling. An ecologist by training, she is endlessly curious about the intricacies of complex systems and strives to approach each day with humor and humility. She believes that ALI’s aquatic animal welfare guidance will catalyze significant positive change in certification schemes, government legislation, and producer practices in the coming years. Sophika lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where she runs through the forests, hikes, and bikes whenever she finds a spare moment.