Terrestrial and Aquatic Food Systems: Linkages, Trade-offs, and Opportunities

Even with an increasing focus on aquatic foods, management, policy, and governance conversations still consider aquatic and terrestrial food systems separately. In reality, they are connected and interlinked components of broader food, economic, and political systems. This session will highlight opportunities for a more holistic and integrated approach to healthy, equitable, renewable, resilient, and culturally diverse food systems.

Patty Fong

Director of Climate Health & Well-being, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

Patty Fong, Program Director, Climate and Health & Well-being, brings two decades of experience with strategic philanthropy in climate and sustainability. She has been Program Director at the European Climate Foundation (ECF), a major philanthropic initiative established by several global foundations. Recruited in 2007 to help establish the foundation, she was the founding COO until August 2012. In parallel, Patty lead the strategy development and implementation for ECF’s portfolio on Energy Efficiency and, more recently, on Buildings and Urban Systems, which includes a focus on the social justice and human rights dimensions of the clean energy transitions, as well as the potential of the circular economy to systemically address decarbonization and resource use.