The Future of Sustainable Seafood Commitments: Learning Lessons and Leveraging Opportunities

As our community looks to establish the next generation of sustainable seafood commitments, it is critical to understand the barriers that companies have faced when implementing sustainability programs. Over the past year, FishWise interviewed companies to unpack the unique challenges they encountered on their sustainability journey. During this talk, FishWise will present our research findings and highlight factors that are critical for meeting sustainability goals, as well as opportunities for the industry and NGO community.

Michelle Beritzhoff- Law

Senior Project Director, FishWise

Michelle works to advance environmental, social, and traceability improvements in seafood supply chains through FishWise’s partnerships. Prior to FishWise, Michelle worked for MRAG Americas as an MSC CoC auditor and for New Zealand’s Ministry of Fisheries and Ministry for Primary Industries, within their respective fisheries science and fisheries management teams.

An Nguyen

Project Manager, FishWise

Working at the intersection of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, An supports FishWise’s partners with implementing seafood sustainability programs. Prior to joining FishWise, An was a Coastal Program Analyst at the California Coastal Commission, working to protect natural resources and public beach access.