What is the Global Hub?

The Global Hub is the Alliance’s community of organizations and subject area experts that work together to make connections, build capacity, and effectively leverage tools, approaches and experience in order to advance sustainability and responsibility in wild fisheries and aquaculture production. 


Who can join the Global Hub?

The Alliance Global Hub is open to any organization, group, business, academic institution or individual subject area expert working toward the Alliance’s vision: 


The Alliance envisions a world with an abundance of seafood in an environment where workers, communities, and our ocean thrive. 

Global Hub members believe that seafood production is a powerful driver of change for the health of our oceans and the well-being of individuals and communities around the world.  At minimum, Global Hub members are expected to:

  • Actively contribute to, and engage in the Alliance’s learning community;
  • Participate in discussions regarding trends, opportunities and challenges;
  • Provide input and advice when requested; and
  • Abide by the Alliance Operating Protocols.


Additionally, when possible and appropriate, Global Hub members are expected to:

  • Join and participate in Alliance Networks or Collective Action Working Groups; 
  • Provide feedback, sign-on and support for outputs developed by the Alliance Global Hub;
  • Openly share information about their organization’s work/priorities and contribute to the Alliance’s monitoring and evaluation system as appropriate; and 
  • Cover any participation and/or travel expenses, time, and meeting registration fees.


How do Global Hub members work together?

Global Hub members can participate within the Alliance in a number of ways to advance shared goals (please see “How the Alliance Works” for more information).  There is no fee to join, but there are clear responsibilities and engagement expectations for Global Hub members described in the Alliance’s Operating Protocols here. See a diagram of our community structure here.

Because the Global Hub includes representatives from NGOs and for-profit organizations, antitrust safeguards have been put in place to protect our community collaboration and work. You can read more about the Alliance’s antitrust policy in Section 5 of the Operating Protocols. 


What are the benefits of joining the Global Hub?

  • Access to the Alliance Global Hub community via the internal communications platform, Mobilize.
  • Drive movement level change and progress by participating in Alliance Networks and Collective Action Working Groups.
  • Opportunity to provide input on and publicly endorse Alliance community outputs (tools, guidance docs, etc.).
  • Invitation to attend the Alliance Annual Meeting and other events throughout the year.
  • Promotion of organizational work in alignment with the Alliance’s vision via the Alliance website, social media outlets and other public communications, meetings, and events, as appropriate.
  • Learning from community knowledge-sharing activities.
  • Year-round communication from the Alliance team – including the monthly Alliance Newsletter, Fish Clips and direct emails – to stay informed of emerging movement-wide issues and opportunities for engagement.


Is there a Global Hub membership fee?

No, there is currently no cost to participate in the Global Hub. Instead, we are asking for an in-kind contributions of ideas and efforts, as that is what will make this community successful.


How do I submit an application to join the Global Hub?

Organizations should designate the responsibility of completing the Global Hub application to one individual who plans to serve as the Alliance “Point Person”.  Going forward, the Point Person will be responsible for ensuring that Alliance information and important business is communicated to, and understood by, the member organization. The Point Person must be able and empowered to:  

  • Ensure all current and future employees planning to engage with the Alliance in any way (Global Hub, Mobilize, Working Group, etc.) review and understand the Alliance Operating Protocols* (included in this application); 
  • Sign off on the organization’s intent to comply with the Alliance’s antitrust policy
  • Submit comprehensive organizational feedback on Alliance community outputs (i.e. guidance documents, tools, etc) in development, when requested by Alliance groups;
  • Approve use of organization logo when signing on to Alliance products; 
  • Facilitate any financial transactions related to the organization’s engagement with the Alliance (i.e. pay Annual Meeting registration fees); and
  • Provide timely submission of organizational information, when requested by the Alliance staff.

*Individuals from your organization will be asked to personally commit to abide by the Alliance Operating Protocols and other communication protocols when joining the Global Hub on Mobilize. 

The Global Hub application can be found here – we estimate it will take about 30 minutes to complete. You may stop and return to the site to continue or finalize your application at any time. 


What happens next?

The Alliance staff will review all applications to ensure the requirements outlined above are met, and if needed, will contact applicants with any clarifying questions. The application will then be reviewed by the Alliance Board and staff at their monthly meeting. An admission decision and rationale will be provided in writing within 45 days of receiving the application. 

If the applicant is admitted into the Global Hub, the staff will facilitate a brief onboarding process to ensure a clear, mutual understanding of organizational goals and participation expectations, as well as to establish their profile on the Alliance website and internal communication platform.  


How do I share this opportunity with other organizations?

The Alliance is phasing our membership growth to ensure we maintain strong alignment among our community and manage for staff capacity. If you would like to recommend an organization for the Alliance Global Hub, please enter their information here to add their name to our waitlist. You can also invite your colleagues and friends to sign up for the public monthly Alliance newsletter to stay updated on our community’s activities as well as membership announcements. 


How can students get involved with the Alliance?

College or graduate students interested in learning more about the work of the sustainable seafood movement and the Alliance community are encouraged to sign up for our Student Network mailing list here. Recipients will be kept informed of opportunities to engage with the Alliance and our member organizations.  


I still have questions, who can I contact?

Please contact Alliance Operations Director, Meaghan Hudgins, at meaghan@solutionsforseafood.org. Know of an organization or expert who should be in our Global Hub? Let us know here.


Submit your application.