Lightning Round 1

On-demand Lightning Round 1


Demystifying the Social Responsibility Assessment Tool
Ashley Apel (Business Partnerships, Conservation International) & Emilie Carrol (Manager, Food and Agriculture, ELEVATE)

The Decent Work in Fisheries Initiative (DWFI): The Peruvian Humboldt Squid Fishery
Alejandro Garcia Lozano (Postdoctoral Researcher, Arizona State University and Conservation International)

Shared learnings from FisheryProgress’ Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy
Melissa Luna (Social Responsibility Program Associate, FishChoice)

Industry-led Advocacy & the High Seas Treaty: A Case Study
Oliver Tanqueray (Sustainable Seafood Coalition Coordinator, ClientEarth)

Upskilling Low-Impact Handline Fishers is Key to Benefiting People, Planet and Profit
Craig Turley (International Pole and Line Foundation)

Ashley Apel

Business Partnerships, Conservation International

Responsible for managing seafood business partnerships at Conservation International, Ashley focuses on engaging industry and corporate partners as they improve their seafood purchasing policies, supply chain engagement, and integration of human rights due diligence into their social responsibility programs. Prior to joining CI, Ashley was the Director of Agriculture and Seafood Producer Services at Fair Trade USA where she helped guide farmers, fishermen, and processors toward Fair Trade Certification, protecting fundamental human rights and ensuring safe working conditions and sustainable production practices. Before starting the seafood certification program at FairTrade, Ashley worked on rights-based management policies and stock assessment science for data-limited fisheries at Environmental Defense Fund. She holds a Master of Environmental Science And Management from the Bren School at UCSB and a B.A. in Environmental Studies and sociology from Whitman College.

Emilie Carrol

Emilie Carrol

Manager, Food and Agriculture, ELEVATE

Emilie is a Manager, Food & Agriculture at ELEVATE where she is supporting the development and implementation of the Social Responsibility Assessment tool for the Seafood Sector. ELEVATE is the industry leader in sustainability and supply chain services globally, supporting companies to design, build and manage data-driven sustainability-linked programs with assessment, advisory, program management, and analytics that drive positive impact. Prior to joining ELEVATE, Emilie worked as standards manager at Fair Trade USA where she worked to develop and innovate Fair Trade USA’s standards, providing content primarily on the Capture Fisheries Standard, and supported across categories, including agriculture and factory production. She holds a Master of Marine Management from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and a BSc. In Biology with a minor in Economics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Alejandro Garcia Lozano

Postdoctoral Researcher, Arizona State University and Conservation International

Alejandro García Lozano is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at the University of Washington. He earned a Ph.D. in Marine Science and Conservation from Duke University in 2020, where his research focused on the historical and political dimensions of fishing cooperatives in Mexico and their changing role in the governance of fisheries. His current research examines labor issues in fisheries, seeking to better understand the coupled political ecologies of labor and environmental exploitation, as well as the kinds of collective action emerging in response. He recently completed an assessment of decent work in the jumbo flying squid fishery in Peru during a postdoctoral fellowship at Arizona State University and Conservation International.

Melissa Luna

Social Responsibility Program Associate, FishChoice

As Social Responsibility Program Associate for FishChoice, Melissa supports the implementation of the FisheryProgress Human Rights and Social Responsibility (HRSR) Policy. In particular, she provides guidance and develops resources to aid Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) reporting on  to meet its requirements. In addition, she engages in projects with external partners to further support the HRSR Policy Implementation and to build an understanding of social responsibility and due diligence in the seafood movement more broadly.

Oliver Tanqueray

Sustainable Seafood Coalition Coordinator at ClientEarth

Oliver has worked at environmental law charity ClientEarth since 2017. He coordinates the UK’s Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC), a pre-competitive collaboration platform for seafood businesses. The SSC has developed Codes of Conduct for responsible sourcing and environmental claims, and Oliver manages a network of 45 industry members with public commitment to these voluntary standards. Before diving into the world of sustainable seafood, Oliver worked in a range of sales, marketing, sustainability, and operational roles in food manufacturing businesses.

Craig Turley

International Pole and Line Foundation

Craig wholeheartedly believes in the triple bottom line potential of sustainably managed fisheries to deliver social and economic benefits with minimal adverse environmental impacts. He is experienced in implementing feet on the ground projects and enjoys embedding in coastal fishing communities to help manage and drive community fisheries programs as well as being an experienced at-sea fisheries observer. His passion for fisheries began as a child and his professional career accelerated with the managing of a community bycatch reduction project in Masirah Island, Oman in order to help mitigate the impact of artisanal fisheries on the critically endangered turtle populations. This ranged from driving at-sea monitoring of bycatch, implementing bycatch reduction techniques and reducing the loss and discarding of fishing gears.