Navigating Seafood Maps: Helping Stakeholders Increase Collective Impact

Wednesday, November 16 from 10:00-11:15am ET

The seafood system is complex and unique, making it a space in which there are both great opportunities and great challenges to advance sustainability. Recently three new tools have been developed to provide clarity and connection across stakeholders.  In this session, panelists from Seafood 2030, the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) and the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions will discuss their recently or soon-to-be released mapping systems designed to serve the seafood industry, NGOs, funders and others. Join us to learn how Seafood Map, Sustainable Seafood Transformation System, and SeaHive have taken very different, yet complimentary, approaches all aimed at advancing sustainability in seafood – and how they can come together to address the complexity of this promising sector. The panel discussion will be moderated by Stacy Schultz of Fortune Fish Co. and followed by a Q+A session with attendees.

Ned Daly

Sustainability Strategist, Diversified Communications

Ned Daly is a sustainability strategist with Diversified Communications. He has worked on sustainable markets in a variety of resources for 25 years. Ned worked in seafood for the last decade with SeaWeb, Previously he was director of RugMark International (now GoodWeave), a certification program for child-labor-free rugs coming from Southeast Asia. He also served as chief operating officer for the Forest Stewardship Council in the United States, managing relationships with industry leaders and a diversity of key stakeholders including conservation nongovernment organizations, policymakers and industry trade associations. Ned has also worked on sustainable markets in the agricultural sector and the relationship between resource extraction and ecosystem health. He lives in Alfred, Maine.

Meaghan Hudgins

Operations Director, Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

As Operations Director, Meaghan leads the Alliance’s community building efforts, supports the various leadership bodies, and manages the daily operations to ensure a strong organizational framework exists to facilitate effective community action. Meaghan led the development of SeaHive with a Working Group of 15 Global Hub members and consultants and continues to manage the tool as it evolves. She brings relevant experience to her work from both the non-profit and corporate sectors, having previously worked in the development department at the Lyric Opera of Chicago and in corporate giving and business development at a commercial law firm. Meaghan holds a degree in Journalism from Indiana University.

Eva Mudde

SDG Impact Manager, Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Eva Mudde is the SDG Impact Manager at the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI). She coordinates the development of innovative programmes that implement sustainable change across the global seafood sector and currently spearheads the implementation of the Seafood MAP programme. As a collaboration-oriented person, she works closely with both public and private sector stakeholders to identify new collaboration opportunities that will accelerate the implementation of the SDGs by the global seafood sector and turn seafood into a driver for good to preserve oceans for future generations and drive forward more sustainable seafood. Prior to joining GSSI, Eva conducted research at the UN FAO. She holds an MSc degree in Marine Biology from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Stacy Schultz

Director of Marketing and Sustainability Coordinator, Fortune Fish & Gourmet

Stacy Schultz, director of marketing and seafood sustainability coordinator for Fortune Fish & Gourmet, utilizes her expertise of responsible aquaculture to educate the Fortune team and the staff of the restaurants the company serves.  Schultz also orchestrates many of the company’s philanthropic efforts and appearances at tradeshows and conventions. By furthering the Fortune Fish & Gourmet brand and promoting sustainability through marketing, as well as collaborating with and supporting aquaculture-related NGOs and local aquariums, Schultz keeps Fortune Fish & Gourmet at the forefront of the industry. Stacy attended Michigan State University in East Lansing, earning her degree in Zoology with a concentration in Marine Biology. Schultz has been with Fortune 11 years.  She is also the previous board chair of Sea Pact, a group of leading North American Seafood Companies dedicated to driving stewardship and continuous improvement of social, economic, and environmental responsibility throughout the global seafood supply chain. Fortune is a founding member of Sea Pact.