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Alliance Annual Conference

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Alliance Annual Conference

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The Alliance Annual Conference on November 14-17, 2022 will bring together 400+ attendees from leading NGOs, businesses, foundations, and academia working to transform seafood production and supply chains. 

This fully virtual conference is an invaluable opportunity to learn about emerging trends in the responsible seafood movement, bring visibility to your environmental and social responsibility efforts, and forge strategic partnerships.


Registration for the Alliance Annual Conference is now open! There are three ticket types available — individual, small team, and large team passes — so you can make sure the right people from your team are able to be there. The Alliance is committed to providing equitable conference access for all; click here to learn more about and apply for a Scholarship Pass.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Multiple sponsorship opportunities are available to support the Alliance and this event. Committing to your sponsorship early provides your company with the longest possible promotion period. Benefits of all sponsorship levels include promotion of your company in event communications, logo placement on the event website and platform, acknowledgment during meeting sessions, and complimentary passes to attend the meeting. Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Conference Agenda

Monday, November 14

Welcome Session: Celebrating our Accomplishments
Mariah Boyle, Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

Keynote Address
Dr. Jessica Sparks, Professor at Tufts University

From Harvest to Markets: Challenges in Achieving Sustainability in Small Scale Fisheries
Panelists from International Pole and Line Foundation and Pronatura Noroeste

Strengthening U.S. Seafood Traceability Requirements: Policy Recommendations for Improving the Seafood Import Monitoring Program

Panelists from NRDC, WWF, ICAR, FishWise, and Oceana

Attendee Networking Event

Tuesday, November 15

Accelerating Improvements in the Aquaculture Sector

Panelists Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and Guests

Harnessing Accountability & Transparency to Accelerate Progress in Seafood Sustainability: Where are we now and Where to Next?

Panelists from World Benchmarking Alliance, Greenpeace, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, Global Tuna Alliance, International Seafood Sustainability Foundation and the NGO Tuna Forum

Alliance Strategy Meeting: A Landscape View of the Opportunities in the Responsible Seafood Movement

Mariah Boyle, Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, and Tom Benthin, Graphic Illustrator

On-Demand Lightning Round #1

Unlocking Fishery Progress – Women Hold the Key
Julie Kuchepatov, Seafood and Gender Equality and Katrina Nakamura, Sustainability Incubator

Wednesday, November 16

Navigating Seafood Maps: Helping Stakeholders Increase Collective Impact

Panelists from Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative’s SeafoodMAP, Seafood2030, and Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions 

Protecting Fishers’ Rights – A Tackle Box of Rights-Based Tools From the Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Panelists from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs

Seafood Certifications and Social Responsibility
Panelists from Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Certification and Ratings Collaboration, Fair Trade USA, FISH Standard, Global Seafood Alliance, GlobalG.A.P, Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative, and ISEAL

On-Demand Lightning Round #2

Alliance FIP Guidelines Update
Panelists from FishChoice, Conservation International, CeDePesca, and Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

Gratitude and Closing

Thursday, November 17

DEI Power Dynamics 102
Whitney Tome, The Raben Group and Chris Armijo, Chris Armijo Consulting

Conference Passes also provide access to a library of over 20 on-demand CASS Talks from experts across the movement!

“The session topics and formats were on point, and I loved the opportunity to connect with this amazing community. This event was truly a highlight for me this year.”

ASHLEY GREENLEY, Business Engagement Division Director, FishWise

“Virtual breakout sessions make for interesting discussions and a great opportunity to network.”

— PETER ADAME, Director of Communications & Sustainabillity, Lusamerica Foods Inc.

“The focus on people (human rights and equity) is extremely valuable.”

— MAISIE GANZLER, Chief Strategy & Brand Officer, Bon Appetit Management Company

“Everything was so well run. I missed some presentations live but the recordings are an excellent way to catch up. Fantastic content.”

DARREN MITCHELL, Operations Manager, FISH Safety Foundation

Special Thanks to our 2022 Alliance Annual Conference Sponsors!

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