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Alliance Annual Meeting

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Alliance Annual Meeting

Fisher cleaning fish on the deck of a boat

That’s a wrap on the 2021 Alliance Annual Meeting!

Thanks to our colleagues who spent the week with us! You logged on early in the morning and late into the night, with children on your laps and pets at your feet, to talk about how we can make seafood more equitable and just. 

If you registered for the meeting, don’t forget you have access to the event recordings until the end of February 2022. Catch up on the sessions you missed and relive your favorite moments — click below for access to all the content from this year’s event.

We’ll see you next year!

Alliance Executive Director shares what’s top of mind coming out of this year’s meeting:

  • We must be focusing much more on equity, both in our work and in our organizations, and consider the impacts of intersectionality in our work.  
  • Our current sustainability tools work best for large-scale seafood production. We need to test and refine approaches to help small-scale production improve — from jurisdictional to triple-impact approaches, tailored for different geographies. 
  • More focus and progress on social responsibility is needed. While forced labor is a major concern among seafood buyers, we must move from pledges to action, center workers’ voices in the solutions, and look to shift the business model to enable these changes. 

For more meeting highlights, check out the event hashtag, #AllianceAnnualMeeting!

Responsible Seafood Awards

This year we celebrated the first-ever Responsible Seafood Awards. These awards recognize exceptional leadership and contributions in the Global Hub. 

Congratulations to all award recipients!

  • Board Member of the Year – Tobias Aguirre, FishWise
  • Outstanding Contribution –
    • Kimberly Rogovin, Global Labor Justice – International Labor Rights Forum
    • Gabriela Mc Lean, CeDePesca
  • Spirit Award – Pablo Abdiel Alvarez, Pronatura Noroeste

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