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Alliance Annual Conference Agenda

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Welcome Session: Celebrating our Accomplishments
Mariah Boyle (Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions)

Keynote Address: When Doing Something Is Worse Than Doing Nothing
Dr. Jessica Sparks (Professor at Tufts University)

From Harvest to Markets: Challenges in Achieving Sustainability in Small-Scale Fisheries
Panelists from International Pole and Line Foundation and Pronatura Noroeste

Strengthening U.S. Seafood Traceability Requirements: Policy Recommendations for Improving the Seafood Import Monitoring Program
Sandy Aylesworth (NRDC), Ben Freitas (WWF), Noor Hamadeh (ICAR), Sara Lewis (FishWise), and Max Valentine (Oceana)

Attendee Networking Event

The Alliance Vision for Responsible Seafood
Ryan Bigelow (Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions)

Accelerating Improvements in the Aquaculture Sector
Birgitte Krogh-Poulsen, Wendy Norden, and Corman O’Sullivan (Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program)

Harnessing Accountability & Transparency to Accelerate Progress in Seafood Sustainability: Where are we now and Where to Next?
Helen Packer (World Benchmarking Alliance), Mallika Talwar (Greenpeace), Aisla Jones (Sustainable Fisheries Partnership), Tom Pickerell (Global Tuna Alliance), Michael Cohen (International Seafood Sustainability Foundation), and Robin Teets (NGO Tuna Forum)

Alliance Strategy Meeting: A Landscape View of the Opportunities in the Responsible Seafood Movement
Mariah Boyle (Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions) and Tom Benthin (Graphic Illustrator)

On-Demand Lightning Round #1
Ashley Apel (Conservation International) & Emilie Carrol (ELEVATE), Alejandro Garcia Lozano (Conservation International), Melissa Luna (FishChoice), Oliver Tanqueray (ClientEarth), and Craig Turley (International Pole and Line Foundation)

Unlocking Fishery Progress: Women Hold the Key
Julie Kuchepatov (Seafood and Gender Equality) and Katrina Nakamura (Sustainability Incubator)

Navigating Seafood Maps: Helping Stakeholders Increase Collective Impact
Eva Mudde (Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative’s SeafoodMAP), Ned Daly (Diversified Communications and Seafood 2030), and Meaghan Hudgins (Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions), moderated by Stacy Schultz (Fortune Fish & Gourmet)

Protecting Fishers’ Rights: A Tackle Box of Rights-Based Tools From the Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Jarrett Basedow, Holly Christofferson, Tina Faulkner, Carter Quinley, Laura VanVoorhees, and Anne M. Zollner (U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs)

Seafood Certifications and Social Responsibility
Roberta Anderson (GlobalG.A.P.), Danielle Lewis (Certification and Ratings Collaboration), Mike Kraft (FISH Standard), Kathleen McDavitt (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), Brian Perkins (Global Seafood Alliance), Sheila Senathirajah (ISEAL), Gretchen Thuesen (Fair Trade USA), and Eva van Heukelom (Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative), and Libby Woodhatch (MarinTrust), moderated by Helen Packer (World Benchmarking Alliance)

On-Demand Lightning Round #2
Roberta Anderson (GLOBALG.A.P. North America), Elise Avallon (Global Seafood Alliance), Sarah Caldwell (FishWise), Katy Dalton & Juno Fitzpatrick (Conservation International), Cynthia Hsia (FishChoice), and Maskur Tamanyria (International Pole and Line Foundation)

Alliance FIP Guidelines Update
Ryan Bigelow (Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions), Elena Finkbeiner (Conservation International), Gabriela Mc Lean (CeDePesca), and Jeremy Rude (FishChoice)

On-demand Gratitude and Closing

DEI Power Dynamics 102
Whitney Tome (The Raben Group) and Chris Armijo (Chris Armijo Consulting)

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