The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions connects leading conservation groups from North America, South America, Europe, and Japan that work with businesses throughout the supply chain from fishermen and fish farmers to retailers and restaurants.

In 2008, businesses were just getting started with sustainable seafood. That year, the Conservation Alliance released the Common Vision, a roadmap with six steps companies can take to develop and implement sustainable seafood policies.

Today, over 80% of the North American and European grocery markets have made commitments to buy and sell sustainable seafood. Interest in sustainable seafood is growing in other parts of the world, including South America and Japan. Sustainability has become the norm in the seafood industry.

Now the challenge is ensuring these commitments to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible seafood have as much impact as possible by removing roadblocks and helping fisheries and aquaculture in the developing world get on a path toward sustainability.

Conservation Alliance members and collaborators work collectively to tackle challenges that are too big for any one organization or business to solve alone. We share expertise and develop tools that help businesses advance their sustainable seafood commitments and fisheries and aquaculture to make improvements.

We believe that steady progress on businesses’ sustainable seafood commitments now will mean healthier oceans can deliver a stable supply of seafood for decades to come.

“Cross-sector partnerships are essential to protecting our oceans and seafood supplies. The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions has offered valuable advice and practical tools to help businesses like Target move ahead on sustainable seafood.”

Lisa Boyd, Senior Group Manager, Food Social Responsibility, Target

“We appreciate the efforts of the conservation community to provide clear guidance on overcoming sustainable seafood challenges.”

Josanna Busby, Category Manager, Seafood, Delhaize America