The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is a community of organizations that believes seafood production is a powerful driver of transformational change for both the health and biodiversity of our oceans and the economic and social well-being of individuals and communities around the world.


See our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.


We formed in 2008 to develop a common roadmap seafood businesses could use to develop and implement practices that support environmentally sustainable fishing and aquaculture. We made progress in our first ten years. Global fishing and aquaculture practices have started to shift toward more environmentally sustainable practices, and there is a growing effort to incorporate social and financial responsibility into seafood production as well.

But we still have lots of work to do. The challenges facing our oceans and the people who depend on continue to grow, and we’ve recognized the urgent need to foster large-scale change as fast as possible.

So, in 2018, the Alliance launched a strategic planning process to determine how we can better work together to foster large-scale change needed. We set an ambitious goal that essentially doubles our collective impact on the seafood supply chain in half the time. To achieve this goal, we knew we had to find ways to learn faster, partner more broadly, behave more efficiently, and focus more strategically than we had in the past.

The Alliance now works to accelerate and increase the collective impact of our community. To guide our efforts, we developed a shared understanding of all the changes that need to happen to successfully transform the seafood supply chain, so we can work together to: 

  • Identify areas where multiple organizations are working. We facilitate alignment and efficiency among those organizations.
  • Identify areas where no one is working.  We foster initiatives and products in those areas. These efforts may be driven by the full Alliance, a subset of Alliance members and/or a partnership or engagement with other organizations or entities.
  • Ensure that everyone who works to influence the seafood supply chain is included. We are a global hub for information-sharing, networking and problem-solving. 

To make sure our efforts are adding up to the greatest possible impact, we ground all of our decisions about work priorities in data, and use that data to track our shared progress.

We believe we can create large-scale change through strategic and impactful collaboration that supports and accelerates the collective impact of our community. See our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan for more information.

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“Cross-sector partnerships are essential to protecting our oceans and seafood supplies. The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions has offered valuable advice and practical tools to help businesses like Target move ahead on sustainable seafood.”

Lisa Boyd, Senior Group Manager, Food Social Responsibility, Target