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The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions collaborates globally to protect our ocean and the people who depend on it.

We convene a global community representing over 100 organizations across 22 countries working together to improve the sustainability and responsibility of seafood supply chains. Our goal is that by 2030, at least 75% of global seafood production is environmentally responsible or making verifiable improvement, and safeguards are in place to ensure social responsibility.

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We envision a just and equitable world where the production, trade, and consumption of seafood mitigates environmental impacts while providing food and sustaining livelihoods for seafood workers and communities.

What we’re working on

Annual Report

Held in November 2021, hundreds of participants from across the globe convened for our Virtual Annual Meeting to hear from international leaders and experts from the sustainable seafood movement.

FIP Guidelines

An update of the fishery improvement project (FIP) guidelines is underway!
This project aims to address environmental or social challenges in fisheries by incentivizing positive changes.

Common Vision

The Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood is an important resource for seafood businesses that are committed to responsible seafood sourcing. It describes six realistic steps companies can take to develop and implement a sustainable seafood policy.

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Get involved with the Global Hub

The Alliance’s Global Hub is an international community of organizations and subject area experts working to change the way seafood gets from boats and farms to plates. Global Hub members share approaches and experiences, working to develop tools and resources that lead to innovation and increased impact within the community.

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