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Our Values

You are here: Home » About Us » Our Values

Our Values

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is a global organization committed to collaborating and creating change within the responsible seafood movement. We envision a world with an abundance of seafood in an environment where workers, communities, and our ocean thrive.

As an organization, we value:


Sharing with one another about our work helps avoid duplication of effort and offers initiatives the best chance of success.


We can create large-scale change if we work together thoughtfully.


Respecting the knowledge and experience of all voices means we can have tough conversations in a safe container.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Alliance community has the potential for far-reaching and meaningful impact on equity within our organizations and in our work.

The Alliance staff commits to:

  1. Build anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion practices and training into our organization while encouraging others to do the same.
  2. Recognize, engage, and elevate the voices of the BIPOC and other historically underrepresented communities.
  3. Learn, listen, and receive feedback as we take steps to create a ‘new normal’ that is better for the health of the ocean and more inclusive and equitable for seafood workers and communities.