Mexican NGO increases opportunity for Alliance impact in Latin America

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions has added another international NGO to their list of collaborating organizations. Comunidad y Biodiversidad AC (COBI) – a leader in Mexican marine conservation – has joined the coalition as the second organization based south of the US border.

“We are very excited to be part of the Alliance and understand better the seafood commercialization”, said Amanda Lejbowicz, organization development director at COBI. “Mexican sustainable fisheries are growing fast and they need to be connected to the right marketplaces.”

Founded in 1999, COBI’s mission is to establish marine conservation and sustainable fisheries tools based on multi stakeholders participation. They implement international standards for responsible fishing in collaboration with fishing organizations to improve their working methods.

“We are committed to increasing the Alliance impact in Latin America, and believe this new partnership with create exciting opportunities for us to expand the reach of our work,” said Frazer McGilvray, Conservation Alliance Executive Director. “We have seen the successful work COBI has accomplished with other Alliance members like Monterey Bay Aquarium, Sustainable Fisheries Partnerships, FishWise, and others, and look forward to working collaboratively with them in the future.”