Observations, opinions, and research on the responsible seafood movement from Alliance Staff and members of our Global Hub community.

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Conservation Alliance Appoints New Executive Director

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Alliance Board Appoints Meaghan Hudgins, Senior Director of Operations and Development, as New Executive Director San Francisco, CA — The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is proud to announce that ...


A Call for Support for the new Alliance FIP Guidelines

To make greater progress toward seafood that is both environmentally and socially responsible, the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (the Alliance) is proud to ...

Alliance Collaborates with NGO Tuna Forum to Advance Our Shared Goals

The Alliance has a goal that by 2030, 75% of global seafood production will be environmentally responsible with safeguards in place to ensure social ...

GLOBALG.A.P. Supports Collaboration in the Responsible Seafood Movement

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions convenes a Global Hub of members representing 120 organizations across 25 countries working together to lessen the environmental ...

Learnings and Reflections on Human and Labor Rights in Seafood from Alliance Executive Director

This month the Alliance is hosting calls between social experts and the Alliance Board to build relationships and deepen our mutual understanding. Based on ...

The Alliance Evolves for a More Equitable Responsible Seafood Movement

The responsible seafood movement that began with a focus on lessening the environmental impacts of seafood production is now widely recognizing that this work ...

New Project Alert! Mapping the Alliance Global Hub & Beyond

Who is the Alliance Global Hub? Where do they work and what are they working on? For years, the Alliance community has asked for ...