Guidance for Companies

The Alliance first created guidance to help businesses develop and implement sustainable seafood policies in 2008. Fifteen years later, the seafood sector has evolved dramatically. Environmental and social responsibility have become a critical part of doing business, and there is growing support for transparency and due diligence in sustainability commitments.

The Guidance for Companies on Environmentally and Socially Responsible Seafood (“Guidance for Companies”) was developed with comprehensive input from industry experts and the nonprofit community. This guidance is intended for any business that wants to begin or further its journey towards environmentally and socially responsible seafood, regardless of where it may be in the supply chain or sustainability journey.

This Guidance for Companies and supporting resources provide:

  • key principles to help guide seafood companies’ sustainability journeys; A due diligence model to create, implement, and strengthen your sustainable seafood policy over time that’s based on globally accepted frameworks.
  • sustainable seafood policies and action plans; 
  • actionable resources that companies can use to inform their work and measure their progress; and 
  • real-world examples of how businesses of various sizes and types across seafood supply chains have implemented key steps to protect the ocean, people, and communities.

You can download the Guidance for Companies below in English (EN), French (FR), Spanish (ES), Bahasa Indonesia (IN), and Japanese (JA).* For your convenience, we’ve also included a text-only version.

Download the Guidance for Companies

* Please note, that Guidance for Companies was originally written in English and subsequently translated. In case of a discrepancy, the English version prevails.