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Our Work

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Our Work

Fishing Boats on Beach

The Alliance’s work is all about driving toward alignment in the responsible seafood industry so that together, we can have more impact. 

From leading the development of tools created collaboratively with representatives from the Global Hub, to offering guidance on navigating the sea of existing resources, to hosting events that set the foundation for our collective action — the Alliance is all about helping our movement take steps forward, together. 

Alliance Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting brings together leaders and international experts from the sustainable seafood movement.

Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood

This resource describes six realistic steps that companies can take to develop and implement a sustainable seafood policy.

FIP Guidelines

The Fishery Improvement Project guidelines aim to address environmental and social challenges in a fishery by incentivizing positive changes.

Alliance Guide to Tools & Resources

We created this guide to help the seafood industry understand the main tools and resources for a variety of environmental and social topics.