Aquaculture Stewardship Council Reinforces Commitment to Collaboration by Sponsoring the Alliance

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The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has officially become an Annual Sponsor of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (the Alliance), demonstrating their leadership and commitment to collaboration in the responsible seafood movement.

The Alliance is a global community representing over 100 organizations across 22 countries working together to improve the sustainability and responsibility of seafood production. ASC has been a member of the Alliance for over five years, providing their input and leadership to the projects tackled by the community. 

“ASC recognizes the importance of sector-wide collaboration to effectively drive our shared mission and to scale the impact in our programmes,” said Chris Ninnes, Chief Executive Officer of ASC. “The Alliance helps foster these relationships and provides strategic coordination across our movement.”

This year, the Alliance will focus on co-creating a vision for all seafood and establishing best practice expectations along with a resource center for seafood companies to help drive progress and alignment among commitments. 

“The Alliance will leverage the diverse perspectives represented in our community to ensure our guidance is ambitious, feasible to implement, and supported across the sector,” said Alliance Executive Director, Mariah Boyle. “The sponsorship of ASC and others sends an important message about the power of collective action and the work that lies ahead.”

For more information about Alliance sponsorship and participation opportunities, please contact or click here.

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