Blue Ocean Mariculture First Corporate Sponsor of the Alliance


Blue Ocean Mariculture First Corporate Sponsor of the Alliance

Blue Ocean Mariculture, the only open-ocean aquaculture facility for finfish in the US and exclusive producer of Hawaiian Kanpachi, has signed on to become the first corporate sponsor of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (The Alliance). 

The Alliance recently expanded to bring together nonprofits, companies, subject experts, and funders to develop and share resources and tools that enable the seafood industry to design and implement strong sustainability and responsibility practices throughout their supply chains. 

“The Alliance is focused on facilitating and accelerating innovative solutions for the biggest challenges in seafood,” said Dick Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Mariculture. “Having worked on both the business and non-profit sides of this industry, I understand the importance of this collaborative work and the benefits it provides everyone, from fish farmers and fishers to consumers.”

Jones is now challenging other businesses to follow Blue Ocean Mariculture’s lead and contribute to and engage with the Alliance, both through thought leadership as well as financial support. 

“By joining the Alliance Global Hub, companies can gain insider insight into the latest sustainability advancements, partnerships and initiatives to improve and inform our own organization’s internal efforts,” said Jones. “And by sponsoring the Alliance, we can help ensure this critical work will continue.”

For more information about Alliance sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Operations Director, Meaghan Hudgins, or visit our Sponsor page

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