Five Future-Forward Ways the Alliance is Setting Up for Progress: Reflections From Our Interim Executive Director

It’s a beautiful thing to be a place where people gather to get behind one another’s dreams and drive for global seafood that is environmentally and socially responsible. 

When we say the Alliance is the community builder in the responsible seafood movement, we acknowledge that this community produces outcomes–they are intent on making change.

Our work is to support individuals and organizations to make more progress. To do this we must be in continual dialogue to understand how the Alliance can add value to our collaborators’ work. 

Three years ago it was important to grow the Alliance Global Hub, simply to bring in a diverse set of individuals and organizations committed to sustainable and socially responsible seafood. Today, having gained awareness of Global Hub Member expectations and interests in meaningful engagement, it’s clear that a priority undertaking for the Alliance must be digging deeper into what makes the Global Hub valuable to the Responsible Seafood Movement.

At the foundation of everything we do here at the Alliance is a powerful network of relationships that form the basis for collaborations in the movement. Here are five future-forward ways the Alliance is setting up to support people to make more progress. 

Paths to Individual Progress

People come to the Alliance for two things: to connect with others and to get information about the Responsible Seafood Movement.

The Alliance team is planning for a future that meets the specific needs of the community – valuable in-person networking and connection, movement-level dialogue, leadership opportunities, and small group spaces where we meet to hammer out plans for collective action. 

Global Hub members tell us what we need to know to create opportunities that allow them to feel connected to the movement.

We intend to create within the Alliance the destination for meeting the people and finding the information people need to make more progress toward the 2030 goal that 75% of global, commercial seafood production is environmentally responsible or making verifiable progress and safeguards are in place to ensure social responsibility.

Paths to Collective Progress

We believe people can make more progress when they work together.  

We see this all the time – information flows and good things happen when people come together in mutual concern. 

The Alliance tends to this community with a full-on community engagement operation, creating the spaces and places where difficult challenges can be taken on – one meaningful action at a time. With more than 150 groups in the Global Hub, the potential to spark collaboration is always alive and available to the movement.

Through Networks and Working Groups, the Alliance has facilitated work in fisheries improvement, guidance for companies, and movement indicators, among other challenges. 

Trust Building for Progress

This year, the Social & Environmental Integration Network will provide a platform for dialogue to strengthen relationships, educate others, and identify collaboration opportunities. 

Our ambitious movement goal clarifies that responsible seafood is both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. Full stop. So bringing together NGOs and practitioners to build awareness and trust is critical to a healthy infrastructure for change. When we listen to people with important experiences to share, we create better solutions for seafood that help us all make more progress. Through an inclusive and participatory process, we intend to increase coordination and trust among environmental and social responsibility organizations. 

The Alliance’s trust-building work in 2024 contributes to ensuring that the responsible seafood movement is 1) well-informed on social responsibility, 2) partnering with and amplifying the work of human and labor rights leaders and other experts and, 3) implementing best practices. 

Prioritizing human and labor rights alongside environmental conservation is the best thing companies can do to ensure the long-term viability of their businesses.  The Alliance’s trust-building work in 2024 is better preparing NGOs to advise and support their business partners in making real change in real-time.

Dialogue on Priority-Producing Regions

This year’s Regional Network will create a platform for dialogue with people from priority seafood-producing regions that strengthens relationships, educates others, and identifies future collaboration opportunities. 

The Alliance seeks to develop an understanding of how seafood production is shaped by the cultural and economic context of different regions while connecting representatives from those regions with potential partners and resources that support region-appropriate solutions. 

In 2024-2025 our focus will be set on Latin America.

Convening Seafood Stakeholders for the Hard Decisions

Recently a Global Hub member referred to the Alliance as the “connective tissue” for the responsible seafood movement. We’ll take that!

The Alliance Conference provides seafood movement stakeholders of all types opportunities to learn about emerging trends, draw on the experience of attendees to strengthen solutions, forge strategic, inter-organizational partnerships, and co-create actionable steps as a community to make greater progress.

When we make meaningful connections and share information, we create better solutions for seafood that help us all make more progress.

If you’re looking for people and places to engage on a healthy future for seafood and the people who produce it, please join us in the Global Hub and support the work of the Alliance community through your philanthropic or sponsorship support.

Your investment in the Alliance…

  • Is an investment in the people who have committed their hearts, heads and hands to progress in  responsible seafood
  • Is an investment in a thriving community of practice.
  • Is an Investment in learning around region-appropriate solutions, informing the actions and initiatives of Global Hub members. 
  • builds a vibrant field of informed and aligned changemakers in responsible seafood. 
  • builds stronger public-private partnerships, better prepared to collaborate in taking on the 2030 goal.

We’re always open to new ideas and opportunities. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

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