Longtime Advocate of the Alliance, Cecilia Blasco, to serve as 2024 Board Chair


The Alliance is excited to announce that the Board has elected longtime advocate, Cecilia Blasco, Executive Director of SmartFish A.C., as Alliance Board Chair for 2024.

As the Alliance works to connect its community of collaborative changemakers from across the responsible seafood movement with the resources and support they need to make progress, the Alliance Board is confident Cecilia will provide effective and thoughtful leadership. With Cecilia at the helm, the Alliance Board will continue to play a critical role in shaping the organization’s strategy, monitoring emerging issues and trends to help uncover ways the Alliance can be of service to an evolving movement.

As a longtime member of the Alliance community, Cecilia’s contributions to the organization’s efforts are long documented. She served on the working group that crafted the Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects, and she has been honored with the Alliance’s Responsible Seafood Award.

Originally from Argentina, Cecilia now lives and works in Mexico where she and the SmartFish team focus on fostering a market for sustainably caught Mexican seafood.

2024 is going to be a big year for the Alliance. As we prepare to welcome new leadership and engage in strategic planning, it’s an exciting and critical time for the organization, representing a growing diversity of geographies and stakeholder types. I’m eager to see the Alliance Board consider ways we might create more space for new voices to lead the way as we enter into the next chapter of community building in the seafood movement.

– CECILIA BLASCO, SmartFish A.C., Executive Director

Alliance Board Chair

Cecilia will work closely with newly elected Vice Chair, Richard Stavis, CEO of Stavis Consulting, LLC, and Stakeholder Outreach, Communications, and Dialogue Lead at The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST).

We’re excited to see what’s ahead for the Alliance, the Global Hub, and the responsible seafood community in 2024!

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