Newly Re-energized, We’re Sharing Our SENA Reflections

For years the Alliance has gathered with our community at Seafood Expo North America (SENA), North America’s largest seafood exposition, held annually in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a favorite time of the year to catch up with our colleagues, learn what’s top of mind for them, and share a little about what we’re working on.

This year’s event was no different. As the Alliance team returns from another successful SENA, we’re reflecting on three things that have us re-energized for collaboration in 2024.

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1. Gathering in-person

The Alliance’s return to in-person events last year made it clear that this community wasn’t just ready to gather face-to-face again, but they needed it. As we move into 2024’s events, we’re seeing a renewed energy in the Responsible Seafood Movement and a desire to gather around tables, water fountains, and anywhere else our colleagues can be found. This year, we’re particularly excited about the 10th Annual Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit, hosted by our friends at Seafood Legacy, who are celebrating ten great years of this movement mainstay. The Alliance is also looking forward to gathering the Global Hub in Barcelona for Seafood Expo Global in April, and of course, we buzzing with excitement for the Alliance Conference, coming up this October in Cancun, Mexico.

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2. Seeing friends

Through years of working collaboratively in the Responsible Seafood Movement, we’ve made a lot of friends who have turned into project collaborators, advisors, and partners–in fact, we believe that these friendships form the basis of everything we do here at the Alliance. We are heartened to know so many working so tirelessly toward transformation–that’s a privilege we don’t take for granted. When we run into these colleagues out in the world at events like SENA, for us, it’s an encouraging reminder that our work is making a difference, this movement isn’t going anywhere, and that we’re still in it together. 

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3. New ideas

All week in Boston we found ourselves in conversations about energetic new approaches to changing the way that seafood is produced, traded, and consumed. Our colleagues are overflowing with innovative ideas about how we can make big impact and transform the way we work together. How are these ideas brought to life? It starts with a seed–a conversation where an idea is shared, challenges are brainstormed, and solutions are born. This is how all our collaborative work in this movement begins, and we never get tired of seeing it happen.

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Thanks to everyone who made this one of our favorite SENAs yet. We’ll see you next year for more gathering in-person to catch up with friends and share new ideas.

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