Alliance Responsible Seafood Awards Nomination

The 2022 Responsible Seafood Awards recognize individuals within the Alliance community that have gone above and beyond over the past year to advance our collective path forward.

Please provide your nominations in the form below by October 31. Awards recipients will be determined by the Alliance staff and celebrated during the Opening Session at the November 2022 Annual Conference. 

Please nominate a 2022 Alliance Board Member for their leadership and outstanding contributions to the Alliance Board. This individual has truly put the needs of the Alliance, and the greater good of the community, first while serving as a board member. They have provided guidance, support and strategic oversight to the Alliance organization and staff.
Please nominate an individual from the Global Hub that has contributed to Alliance collective action in a significant way. This individual may have served on a working group, provided topic-specific expertise, led community discussions, webinars or an Annual Meeting session or lended a notable amount of time to advance the community’s work.
Please nominate an individual who embodies the Alliance’s collaborative spirit, shares openly and often, and maintains a strong commitment to service. This individual is always learning from their peers and eager to make connections and offer helpful suggestions to others.
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