Connecting people and projects across the responsible seafood movement


For years, stakeholders in the responsible seafood community have identified the need for a mechanism to track the efforts and experts across the movement to increase opportunities for collaboration. With support from Seafood 2030,  the Alliance called together a diverse Working Group of 15 Global Hub members working across different stakeholder groups and a team of program developers and mapping experts to co-design a tool that would solve for this need. The group thoughtfully considered the most important data to collect and the best way to visualize it so that users could make connections that advance their individual efforts, while also providing a visual analysis of the responsible seafood movement.

We are proud to share our solution, SeaHive: an interactive tool that offers a unique look at responsible seafood projects and initiatives around the globe. These visualizations will facilitate connections and partnerships while highlighting potential areas of redundancy, both geographically and topically. 

The Alliance will also utilize data derived from SeaHive to inform its strategic goals and objectives. Data trends will highlight where collaborative work is happening, where gaps exist, and where the Alliance is best positioned to lead, with the overall goal of increasing global impact.



We’ve designed this Quick Start Guide to get you up and running quickly. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to build your profile, explore connections and get the most out of your experience. 

Participation in SeaHive is open to everyone* engaged in the responsible seafood movement, including individuals from NGOs and seafood businesses, human and labor rights experts, consultants, government representatives, funders/investors, coalitions, and beyond. SeaHive is available in six languages and is intended to be a tool for those seeking to collaborate, innovate and accelerate the global impact of our movement. 

*Please note: The roll-out of this project will be phased, with SeaHive initially open to Global Hub Members in July 2022, followed by a public launch in October 2022.


  • Q: When should I use SeaHive?
  • A: Users can utilize the power of SeaHive’s connectivity for a variety of solutions. Log in before beginning a new project to ensure there isn’t any overlap of efforts, search for a partner with experience/expertise in a specific area, identify where there are gaps in our movement and opportunities for new initiatives, coordinate on aligned funding requests, find experts in an unfamiliar region, collaborate to strengthen projects/campaigns, the list goes on!
  • Q: English isn’t my first language, can I still participate in SeaHive?
  • A: Yes! SeaHive is available in six languages. Just select your preferred language on the profile screen.
  • Q: My colleagues heard about SeaHive and want to participate – is it OK to have multiple users from the same company engaging on SeaHive?
  • A: Absolutely. We want as many individuals interested in engaging on SeaHive to create a profile and interact. This is an individual-based map, so organization affiliation is just one component of your profile.
  • Q: I’ve found a great connection, now what do I do?
  • A: Click on the user’s profile and you’ll find a live link to email them directly – tell them you found them on SeaHive! You can also see where they are located, the projects they are working on, etc. by viewing their central hexagon.
  • Q: I’ve clicked on too many circles in the Community View and now I can’t see other users clearly. How can I fix this?
  • A: Use the refresh button (circular arrow) in the top right corner of the page to close all connections and start fresh. You can also use the “+” and “-” tools to zoom in and out.
  • Q: I have the name/email of someone specific I want to find – how do I search for an individual on SeaHive if they don’t appear in my connections?
  • A: Click on the “SeaHive Globe” page and find the search button in the top corner (magnifying glass). Enter the name or email address of the individual and SeaHive will reveal their profile if they are registered on the platform.
  • Q: I had a recent change in position/company – can I stay on SeaHive?
  • A: Yes. Simply update your company affiliation in your center hexagon as well as the surrounding blue hexagons to ensure they reflect your new role.
  • Q: How will this data be used?
  • A: Your profile information will be shared with other users for the purpose of connection. The Alliance will also analyze SeaHive’s data to understand where there are possible synergies and gaps in our movement’s efforts to help catalyze impact. For full details about data usage, see our Privacy Policy here.

SeaHive is a joint project of the Alliance & Seafood2030