Advocacy for Tuna

Calls to action on market advocacy and tuna sustainability to advance progress toward the Alliance 2030 goal and support the work of the NGO Tuna Forum


The Alliance is partnering with the NGO Tuna Forum in support of market advocacy opportunities for companies and NGOs to help improve the management and bycatch of tuna fisheries around the world. This work is one of three priority topic projects we’ll be engaging the Global Hub on that seek to bring us closer to our 2030 environmental and social goals. This effort will continue through the remainder of the year.

The NGO Tuna Forum is a group of leading tuna organizations working to improve the sustainability and management of tuna fisheries globally. Throughout the remainder of 2022, the Alliance will share market advocacy letters drafted by the NGO Tuna Forum for each Regional Fishery Management Organization (RFMO). For each letter, we will ask that Global Hub members help share the sign-on opportunity with other companies or NGOs that might be interested and consider supporting the letters themselves if they are an NGO or seafood company too.


The Alliance supports collective action. With each additional group that joins in by signing on to these letters, the opportunity for impact with the RFMOs is increased. We will be successful if groups rally around the calls to action, ultimately leading to improved tuna management and progress toward the Alliance 2030 goal.


January 2022 - December 2022

Project Timeline for the Alliance's Advocacy for Tuna project