Andrés Antivil Álvarez


Foundation for Indigenous Enterprises

Andres Antivil Alvarez

Andrés Antivil-Álvarez, a Chilean by birth with ancestral Mapuche roots, has been holding high positions in civil society organizations, as well as in the private and public sectors as a counsellor, advisor, and facilitator for diverse communities, territories, authorities, and indigenous peoples. He is known for his ability to create genuine dialogue spaces between parties. With over 25 years of experience dedicated to serving his people and indigenous issues, he has played a variety of prominent roles, such as president of the Foundation for Indigenous Enterprises (FEi), presidential adviser to the Chilean government in the National Council of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation, member of the Chilean Indigenous Caucus on Climate Change, and strategic advisor on human rights and Indigenous affairs in the mining, energy, aquaculture, forestry, conservation, and public investments sectors. Andrés holds undergraduate degrees in Industrial-Civil Engineering and Forestry Engineering, as well as postgraduate studies and certifications in Sustainable Development and Human Rights.