Guy Dean

Vice President, Partnerships and Acquisitions

Coastal Nations Fisheries

Guy Dean

With a degree in Marine Zoology from the University of British Columbia, Guy Dean has been involved in the seafood industry for almost 40 years—as a farmer, harvester, fisher, processor, and distributor. He brings this extensive experience in the fisheries sector to the role of Vice President – Partnership and Acquisitions for Coastal Nations Fisheries, with the goal of making a positive impact on the industry moving forward.

Specifically, Guy is committed to creating positive change within Indigenous-led fisheries and enhancing the communities that rely on this important resource. He is passionate about supporting and promoting the consumption of sustainable seafood and particularly the long-term viability of the seafood industry. In 2018, Guy was awarded the “Seafood Champion Award for Leadership” by the Ocean Foundation. He currently sits on Boards or is an expert advisor for several ocean conservation organizations, including Ocean Wise and Global Ghost Gear Initiative.