Javier Van Cauwelaert

Partner and CEO

Comercializadora SmartFish

Javier Van Cauwelaert

Javier Van Cauwelaert is partner and CEO of Comercializadora SmartFish, the sole retail company in Mexico offering a seafood catalogue sourced sustainably or through a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), exclusively from artisanal fishers. Joining SmartFish in 2018, Javier has since spearheaded the design and execution of the company’s expansion plan, significantly amplifying its impact by collaborating with additional artisanal cooperatives. Through his tenure, he has collaborated with over nine cooperatives, many of which have participated in various FIPs, thereby gaining valuable insights into cooperative needs and fostering market-driven shifts towards sustainability.

Prior to his tenure at SmartFish, Javier’s professional journey encompassed diverse roles. As a partner and operations director at Grupo Fogra, a distinguished printing company, he championed the adoption of environmentally friendly practices and enhanced labor conditions within the industry. Moreover, his involvement in a prominent Mexican restaurant group, notably Contramar, where he served as the procurement director, afforded him the opportunity to pioneer the sourcing of organic, regenerative, and sustainable suppliers. Notably, Javier also established and managed the group’s garden, fostering a deeper connection to nature and sustainability. It was during his tenure at Contramar that he developed a passion for fishing, ultimately leading him to SmartFish.

Originally from Argentina and Mexican by choice, Javier holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.