Work Begins on the Alliance Regional Focus Network: Latin America

Our movement is interested in supporting sustainability in regions where the largest volume of seafood is produced or where persistent environmental and social responsibility issues are prevalent in the seafood supply chain.

However, the historical underrepresentation of people living and working in those regions has hindered our progress.

The Alliance is no exception–our membership continues to be primarily from North American and European nations. In response, we’ve started work on the Alliance Regional Focus Network.

The Network is a platform for dialogue with people from seafood-producing regions that strengthens relationships and increases the diversity of active voices within the Global Hub. We want to develop an understanding of how seafood production is shaped by the cultural and economic context of different regions while connecting representatives from those regions with potential partners and resources that support region-appropriate solutions.

For 2024-2025, we’ve identified Latin America as the first region of focus. The launch meeting with representatives from Global Hub members headquartered in Latin America was held in April. Based on their feedback we’re now planning additional meetings and inviting other members of the Global Hub to join. We hope the program will provide a platform for regional representatives to share the state of social and environmental responsibility in seafood in their region, amplify challenges and collaboration opportunities for global participation, and build connections with Hub members. For other Hub members, we expect the network to help foster an understanding of, and connections within, the region.

We’re looking for groups headquartered in Latin America, leading projects in Latin America, or with a serious desire to join a multipart conversation focused on Latin America. If you’re interested in joining the Network, have questions, or even have ideas about where our next region of focus should be, please reach out to Ryan ( to join our next meeting June 4th!

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