FisheryProgress Overhaul – Building on Success and Lessons Learned

FisheryProgress Overhaul – Building on Success and Lessons Learned

The FisheryProgress team is excited to share our plans to launch a fully redesigned in summer 2023. Based on our successes, challenges and user feedback we are rebuilding the site from the ground up to better serve FIPs and those that source from them. In this session, you’ll learn more about our process for developing the site, new and improved site features and functionality (easier data entry, faster search features, aggregated trend reporting, social tracking and more!), and how you can stay up-to-date on the rebuild or even get directly involved.

Brett Galimidi

Director of Technology, FishChoice

Brett’s work at FishChoice is to design and implement technology tools to further FishChoice’s sustainability and business-focused programs. He is also responsible for the care and feeding of our two main websites and Conservation and sustainability are more than a job for Brett; it’s a way of life. To make a meaningful impact, Brett believes ecology and economies need to be considered together. The ocean conservation and sustainable seafood community understands this so Brett feels right at home here, despite being a vegetarian. Prior to FishChoice, Brett ran his own consulting business, Digital Timber, which was designed specifically to bring practical technology tools to conservation work. He has worked on numerous tech projects in the ocean conservation community and on other environmental issues such as sugarcane and palm oil, as well as STEM education and social metrics. Brett has worked at the intersection of technology and sustainability for 15 years since getting his Master’s degree in Environment Management from Yale University. Brett’s favorite ocean activities are snorkeling amongst the fishes and trying to spy octopus, along with kayaking various bays, sounds and beautiful coastlines.