Helping the Responsible Seafood Movement Make More Progress


We know we need to go together if we want to go far. This belief is at the core of everything we do at the Alliance. It’s also why the Alliance was formed in the first place, back in 2008, when our founding members decided to start partnering for progress in what was at the time a relatively nascent sustainable seafood movement. 

Today, the responsible seafood movement continues to face complex, multi-stakeholder challenges that are too big for any one organization to solve alone. That’s why the Alliance is excited to announce a renewed commitment to connecting our Global Hub with the resources and support needed to make more progress against our shared goals. It’s an acknowledgment of what we’ve known all along is the heart of this work: people. So this year, we’re going to be all about our members.

Global Hub relationships form the basis of this movement’s most game-changing collaborations. As we see it then, our job is to foster a community where those relationships can be easily formed. 

To do this, we’re working to cultivate mutual concern, a sense of connected identity, and shared experiences across our community. We want our members to feel like they belong and are valued, and are supported to build relationships and find information that helps us all advance in our collective efforts. 

As we focus on strengthening the bonds in our community, members will see more of what they already love about being in the Global Hub–like events where we form friendships and delve into dialogue that leads to problem-solving, and guidance that aligns the movement and makes people’s jobs easier. We’ll be asking for more feedback about how we can better support our members, co-creating new agreements about how we work together and what matters to us as a community, and building new initiatives to help the Global Hub connect and plug in on the movement’s most important conversations. In everything we do, we’ll be looking for ways to make being a member of the Global Hub more simple and more social. 

Our desired outcomes are simple: through participation in the Alliance, our members feel valued and like they belong, and are supported to build relationships and find information that helps them advance in their efforts. We want the Alliance to be the destination in the responsible seafood movement for meeting people and finding information. Let’s make it happen together.

Thoughts on our new approach? Get in touch with Laura Miller, Alliance Director of Community Engagement — she’d love to chat!

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