Observations, opinions, and research on the responsible seafood movement from Alliance Staff and members of our Global Hub community.

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Five Future-Forward Ways the Alliance is Setting Up for Progress: Reflections From Our Interim Executive Director


It’s a beautiful thing to be a place where people gather to get behind one another’s dreams and drive for global seafood that is environmentally and socially responsible.  When we ...


New Project Alert: Guidelines for Companies

In 2008, we released the Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood to provide guidance to businesses on developing and implementing sustainable seafood policies. In 2022, ...

Alliance Welcomes Interim Executive Director

Join us in welcoming Shelley, our Interim Executive Director The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is pleased to introduce our incoming Interim Executive Director, ...

Our Vision for Responsible Seafood Is Here

Since its release in 2008, the Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood has served the responsible seafood movement well. Its six steps to develop and ...

Alliance Welcomes New Board Members and Annual Support to Drive Toward Big Impact

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (the Alliance) is proud to begin 2023 by welcoming four outstanding new members to the Alliance Board.  These ...

Responsible Seafood’s Virtual Event of the Year Kicks Off Next Week

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions will host its 2022 Annual Conference on November 14-17. The virtual event brings together leaders from NGOs, businesses, ...

Lasting change requires collective action: Join us!

This year, the Alliance completed its year-and-a-half-long process to revise the FIP Guidelines. The Global Hub member-led process resulted in a more robust set ...