Observations, opinions, and research on the responsible seafood movement from Alliance Staff and members of our Global Hub community.

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Five Future-Forward Ways the Alliance is Setting Up for Progress: Reflections From Our Interim Executive Director


It’s a beautiful thing to be a place where people gather to get behind one another’s dreams and drive for global seafood that is environmentally and socially responsible.  When we ...


A New Look For The Alliance

Following the launch of the 2020-2024 Alliance strategy last year, we knew it was time to reconsider how we talk about who we are ...

Conservation International Sponsors the Alliance to help create large scale change in the responsible seafood movement

Conservation International has signed on to be the first NGO Annual Sponsor of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (the Alliance), reconfirming their commitment ...

Blue Ocean Mariculture First Corporate Sponsor of the Alliance

Blue Ocean Mariculture, the only open-ocean aquaculture facility for finfish in the US and exclusive producer of Hawaiian Kanpachi, has signed on to become ...

Collaboration is Our Path Forward

Recently, the Alliance was invited by SeafoodSource to present at its Seafood 2030 Virtual Sustainability Forum. We were joined at the event by select ...

Alliance Executive Director: Future promising for industry-NGO collaboration

The Alliance wants to make it easier for the seafood industry to adopt responsible practices, so we’re building the home for the intersectional conversations ...

Supporting Seafood Businesses in Protecting Human Rights: New Tools from the Global Hub that Work Together

Over the past decade, seafood supply chains around the world have made tremendous strides toward adopting practices that address the environmental impacts of seafood ...