New Project Alert! Mapping the Alliance Global Hub & Beyond

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Who is the Alliance Global Hub? Where do they work and what are they working on?

For years, the Alliance community has asked for a way to track efforts and experts across the responsible seafood movement in order to create more collaboration opportunities. At the 2021 Alliance Summer Strategy Session and Annual Meeting, our community began to scope the creation of a virtual mapping platform that would do just that. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Community Map Project, a joint effort between the Alliance and Seafood 2030.

The goal of the project is to create a visualization of the work and focus of individuals within the Global Hub and beyond to help our movement see who is working where and on what. This interactive resource will advance the Alliance’s goals to increase collaboration between individuals and organizations, reduce redundancy, and accelerate impact across the movement. Users can also make connections in new geographies and better understand the global landscape of our movement. 

Members of the Global Hub will be invited to provide input on the platform before its finalization in May of this year, and will then be invited to create their profiles. In October, the platform will be open to anyone working within the responsible seafood movement.

To demonstrate their support for this project and its value, Seafood 2030 has generously agreed to financially contribute to the development of the tool. We are grateful for their partnership in this exciting new project and look forward to working together to accelerate impact in the seafood industry through the initiative!

To learn more about the Community Map project, visit our website.

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