CASS TALKS – How can improved seafood labels contribute to better transparency and sustainability in the seafood sector?

How Can Improved Seafood Labels Contribute to Better Transparency and Sustainability in the Seafood Sector?

The information on a seafood product label can help a buyer make more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable choices. Still, many seafood labels in the global marketplace do not provide enough information to make this decision. In this CASS talk, SeaChoice will share its latest consumer polling results, highlight retailer and seafood company best practices in seafood labeling, and share reflections on how improved seafood labels contribute to better transparency and sustainability.

Christina Callegari

Sustainable Seafood Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre and SeaChoice

Christina is the Sustainable Seafood Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre and works as the EasternCanada representative for SeaChoice. Her work focuses on improving seafood traceability and labeling within Canada, through policy reform and industry advancements. She is passionate about seafood sustainability and inspiring people to know where their food comes from, deepening the connection between nature and ourselves.