Observations, opinions, and research on the responsible seafood movement from Alliance Staff and members of our Global Hub community.

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Work Begins on the Alliance Social and Environmental Integration Network


The hazardous nature of seafood work, lack of transparency, and constant pressure for lower prices result in significant risks for seafood workers and companies. These issues also threaten social and ...


New Project Alert! Mapping the Alliance Global Hub & Beyond

Who is the Alliance Global Hub? Where do they work and what are they working on? For years, the Alliance community has asked for ...
Success Stories

Alliance Annual Sponsors Working Together on Responsibly Raised ASC-Certified Kanpachi from Hawaii

Members of the Alliance Global Hub represent a diversity of geographies, expertise, and approaches to creating solutions for seafood’s biggest challenges. They do however ...

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Reinforces Commitment to Collaboration by Sponsoring the Alliance

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has officially become an Annual Sponsor of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (the Alliance), demonstrating their leadership and ...

Alliance Conversation: Worker-Driven Human Rights Due Diligence as an Alternative to Social Audits

Recently, the Alliance community convened in conversation about one of the main tools used by global business to measure, track and verify social responsibility ...

Sponsors Line Up to Support the Alliance Virtual Annual Meeting

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions will host its 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting on November 15-18. The event brings together over 400 leaders from ...

A New Look For The Alliance

Following the launch of the 2020-2024 Alliance strategy last year, we knew it was time to reconsider how we talk about who we are ...