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Observations, opinions, and research on the responsible seafood movement from Alliance Staff and members of our Global Hub community.

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Work Begins on the Alliance Social and Environmental Integration Network


The hazardous nature of seafood work, lack of transparency, and constant pressure for lower prices result in significant risks for seafood workers and companies. These issues also threaten social and ...

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Conservation Alliance Appoints New Executive Director

Alliance Board Appoints Meaghan Hudgins, Senior Director of Operations and Development, as New Executive Director San Francisco, CA — The Conservation Alliance for Seafood ...

Work Begins on the Alliance Regional Focus Network: Latin America

Our movement is interested in supporting sustainability in regions where the largest volume of seafood is produced or where persistent environmental and social responsibility ...
Press Releases

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Renews Commitment to Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions convenes a Global Hub of members representing over 150 organizations across 25 countries working together to improve the ...
Press Releases

In the Wake of Human Rights Exposés, Seafood Alliance Urges Businesses to Accelerate Human Rights and Environmental Safeguards Across Supply Chains

Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions issues guidance for corporate sustainability commitments to ensure the well-being of both people and the planet San Francisco, CA ...

Five Future-Forward Ways the Alliance is Setting Up for Progress: Reflections From Our Interim Executive Director

It’s a beautiful thing to be a place where people gather to get behind one another’s dreams and drive for global seafood that is ...

Newly Re-energized, We’re Sharing Our SENA Reflections

For years the Alliance has gathered with our community at Seafood Expo North America (SENA), North America’s largest seafood exposition, held annually in Boston, ...
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