Upholding the Rights of Seafood Workers in COVID-19

Across the globe, people are affected by the pandemic in a myriad of different ways. We wanted to better understand the impacts on the people working in the seafood industry, so we hosted a two-part webinar with human rights experts and worker representatives from… See story

New Year, New Role for the Alliance

For many, a new year represents an opportunity to make some changes. We reflect on where we have been in order to see where we need to be headed and then we make resolutions that help us get there. This… See story

Reflections on the 2019 SeaWeb Seafood Summit

Amy Breckon, Project Director at the Alliance, attended the 2019 SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Bangkok, Thailand last week. Below, she reflects on her time at the Summit and how our collaborations can be strengthened to drive impact in the sustainable… See story

Chefs for the Blue wins 2018 Seafood Co-Lab competition

Mar 13, 2018 | Seafood Co-Lab News— The seafood community turned out in force to choose a winner of the first annual Seafood Co-Lab, with more than 5,500 votes from 53 countries counted during a 4-week voting window. Voters chose between four… See story

FishWise Partner Creating Change on the Water

Conservation Alliance Founding Member FishWise partnered with North Atlantic, Inc. (NAI), a mid-supply chain company, a little over a year ago to advance their commitments on environmental and social responsibility and increase transparency around these commitments. NAI’s subsidiary, PT Bali… See story